Consumer FAQ

Why am I sending money to Global?

At the time you signed up for your debt settlement program with your debt settlement provider, you also applied to open an account with Global in order to save funds to pay your creditors and related fees.

What does Global do?

We set up an FDIC insured account in your name and under your control, into which you make deposits and from which we process your creditor payments and related fees.

How can I deposit money to my account?

Most consumers agree to automatically deposit funds into their account on a regular basis by authorizing Global to debit their personal checking or savings account.  This will appear on your bank statement as GLOBAL GHLLC.COM.

You can also deposit personal checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders which should be made payable to Global and mailed to the following address:

Payment Address:
Global Holdings LLC
15 W. 6th St., Suite 1600
Tulsa, OK 74119

Please ensure your 16-digit Global account number is included on your form of payment.

You can also deposit by wire transfer. The wire transfer deposit instructions associated with your Global account are listed on page one of your welcome letter.

Where do I find my Global account number?

Your 16-digit Global account number was provided in your welcome letter.

How do I change the date or amount of money I’m sending to Global?

The amount and frequency of your deposits are always within your control. In order to change either of these, we recommend contacting your debt settlement provider to determine how such changes might impact your debt settlement program.

How do I access my Global account?

You can access your Global account online or through our mobile app at or by contacting Global at 800-398-7191.

Does Global Holdings have a mobile app?

Yes, the Global Holdings mobile app is available in both the Apple App Store (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android). To download the app please follow the steps below:

  • Open your App store app on your mobile device and search for “Global Holdings”.
  • Tap the download icon to install the app to your device.
  • Once installed, tap the app icon to open the mobile app. If you are new to Global you might need to tap “Sign Up Here” to create your username. If you’ve already logged in and have a username, use the login form to log in.

Where is my monthly statement?

You will receive your first monthly account statement by mail following your initial deposit. Unless you opt out of electronic monthly account statements, all future account statements are available online at You will receive email notifications alerting you that your monthly account statement is available. Paper statements are always available upon request.

Does my Global account automatically close if I end my debt settlement program?

Canceling with your debt settlement company does not ensure closure of your Global account. Please give us a call at 800-398-7191.

Who do I contact with questions related to my debt settlement program?

All questions regarding your debt settlement program should be directed to your debt settlement provider.  If you cannot locate the specific name and/or contact information for your debt settlement provider contact Global at 800-398-7191.