Making Payments Simple And Safe

When consumers enroll in a debt settlement program with their debt settlement providers, they need to know that a trusted third party is handling all of their deposits and creditor payments. That is where Global Holdings comes in. Over the years, our market leading payment processing platform has made millions of debt settlement payments simple and safe for consumers.

For Consumers   |   For Business

For Consumers

Enrollment in a debt settlement program is an important step on your path back to financial stability. With Global as your dedicated account provider and payment processor, you can feel secure that you will always have control of funds that you deposit in your account. And you can feel secure that authorized payments from your Global account will be made safely.

You, as the consumer, deposit funds with Global, which go into a dedicated, FDIC-insured account.

Global disburses funds from your account to the Creditor for authorized settlement payments in accordance with your debt settlement plan.

Global processes fee payments to your debt settlement provider after you have received benefit from its debt settlement service.

You maintain ownership and control of your Global account and Global will return the balance upon request.

For Business

We are the longest standing payment processor in the debt settlement industry, helping shape the industry since 2003. We specialize in providing payment processing services to consumers who are also customers of debt settlement providers. In order to ensure that debt settlement operates in an efficient and reliant manner, Global provides several services to debt settlement providers, including: 

Ongoing training that is customizable to meet the specific needs of the debt settlement provider and is available by webinar or on site.

Debt settlement support call center.

Debt settlement portal for interacting with our payment processing platform and accessing the reporting you need when you need it.

Data and analytics service including key performance insights and comparisons vs. industry benchmarks.

Web services to enable easy integration of your business management system with our payment processing platform.

Full redundancy across our payment processing platform.

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