Chief Technology Officer

Tony Fiacable

Tony Fiacable joined Global as Chief Technology Officer in May 2018. In this role he leads all product development and information technology infrastructure for Global. With 20+ years in high-growth environments, Tony brings a successful history of aligning technology with business and developing innovative yet scalable systems.

Since his early days as a software developer, Tony has enjoyed designing and building technical solutions. He had the opportunity early in his career to become the CTO for a brick and mortar company that would become Over his 7 years of leadership at, Tony helped the business grow from $25M to over $1B in revenue. This formative experience fueled Tony’s passion for fast-paced technology businesses.

Prior to joining Global, Tony was the CTO for One Technologies, a high growth lead generation company in the Credit Reporting and Monitoring industry. Soon after joining, Tony started the company’s transition to a product and technology driven company. This transition propelled One Technologies from $25M in revenue to $300M. During that period, Tony’s role grew from CTO to COO including responsibility for Technology, Product Development, Customer Care, Marketing & Affiliate Sales.

Tony has a degree in Computer Science from Indiana University. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, coaching and challenging himself with CrossFit.

Kurt Grossheim
Favorite quote:

Dont let “perfect be the enemy of the good.”

– Voltaire